Executive Summary

Established in 2002, Terramark-ip offers comprehensive Intellectual Property services across the Americas by simplifying registration and maintenance issues. Terramark-ip’s mission is to achieve client satisfaction by efficiently providing superior Intellectual Property services while offering substantial savings on services provided.

In this regard, Terramark-ip offers very competitive costs on a flat fee system for trademark applications and renewals, patent applications, recordals of change of name, assignments, payment of annuities etc.

One Point of Contact

Our “one-point-of-contact” system allows managers of IP assets to deal with a single contact for matters in all countries, while lowering their overall costs. Throughout the application process we will keep you abreast of new developments until the issuance of the registration certificate or the finalization of the process.

Terramark-ip's team of professionals each have several years of experience in their field, and will handle your client's Intellectual Property assets professionally and efficiently.

Legalization Services

Terramark-ip also provides comprehensive legalization services for documents that will be filed in any Latin American country. Our services include local notarization of documents, Apostilles or authentications before the U.S. Department of State, and legalizations before consulates of any Latin American country. This service is especially useful for documents issued in countries that have no consular representation of the target country. Contact us if you would like more information on this specialized service or for pricing.

Translation Services

Terramark-ip also offers translation services, particularly translation of patent specifications and legal documents. One type of translation service that is worth noting is the translation of good/services specifications for trademark filings. Obtaining uniform coverage is critical, as typically, the trademark registration record will only show the translated goods/services as filed by the trademark agent. In order to achieve this uniformity, it is best to have all documents translated by a single source, rather than having each trademark agent in a particular jurisdiction carry out the translation for local use. This also reduces costs by paying for a single translation.

We can also help our clients to adjust specifications of goods and services to strictly comply with Latin American practice. In Latin America, Trademark Offices will typically issue an office action if the specification of goods/services does not comply with local practice. As responses to Official Actions are generally expensive, by filing complying specifications, substantial savings are realized. 

Terramark-ip provides Intellectual Property, translation and legalization services in the following countries:

United States Mexico Guatemala
Belize El Salvador Costa Rica
Nicaragua Honduras Panama
Bolivia Ecuador Argentina
Venezuela Paraguay Brazil
Uruguay Chile Colombia
Peru Dominican Republic  

For more information, please visit our Countries and Services pages.

Please contact us at email address mail@terramark-ip.com or facsimile number +1.206.888.4829.

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