About terramark-ip

About Terramark-ipEstablished in 2002, Terramark-ip offers comprehensive Intellectual Property services across the Americas by simplifying registration and maintenance issues, while offering substantial savings to IP owners.


Our “one-point-of-contact” system allows managers of IP assets to deal with a single contact for matters in all countries, while lowering their overall costs. Throughout the application process we will keep you abreast of new developments until the issuance of the registration certificate or the finalization of the process.


Our aim is to simplify the protection of IP assets in the jurisdictions we serve, while reducing in-house and agent costs, and providing high quality professional IP services.


We also help companies to simplify the too often cumbersome red tape of legalization requirements for many jurisdictions.

terramark-ip's team of professionals each have several years of experience in their field, and will handle your client's Intellectual Property assets professionally and efficiently.


Terramark-ip provides Intellectual Property services in all Latin American countries from Mexico to Argentina, in the following areas:

For services provided in each country please visit our "Countries" page.